WUTH-CONSULTING Institut für Unternehmensanalysen und Gründungen
WUTH-CONSULTING Institut für Unternehmensanalysen und Gründungen

Professionalism, Independence 
and Externality

These are the premises of our target-formulated mandate, being increasingly integrated into the rules of decision of companies, institutions, and individual persons seeking our support.

Professionalism is assured by embedding partnerships, by referring to professionals in the fields of taxes, legal affairs, and applied sciences.

Independence we consider to be the basic variable of not being influenceable by hierarchy, a possibility of remaining aware of the external.

Externality is the basis of our work, which already shows its effect while our consultant are still on the job, but even more when they have left.

Consultant Ethics have utmost Priority

We do core work in order to optimize organizational development. This cannot and is not intended to contribute to an anonymous world or anonymity within a company.

Our target is to help a company create its very individual culture and structure, items which are developed for and together with all individuals involved. 

Assisting the individual is central to our task. The moral standards of the individuals we work for are reliably integrated into a social system.

Seriousness and integrity meet highest requirements - we assure it.

We Believe in Mistakes

This statement frequently leads to confusion and astonishment among clients and colleagues engaging and assessing us.

We do believe in mistakes indeed, in mistakes made by human beings.

Human beings in turn, contribute to eliminating these mistakes, to preventing them. If we did not believe in mistakes, we would lose credibility. And credibility is the major premise of our work.

We demand high standards from our clients - standards as high as those they demand from us.

We will not, at any time, despond of human beings making mistakes - we will respond to them.

The effectiveness of our consulting service always results from the quality of our work.

We never perform for the performance, but directed to the acceptance of our clients.

With joint success we lay the foundations for a future co-operation.

We thoroughly know our clients, we know about their very special requirements, and we know how to optimally define our common way in order to find the most acceptable design for it.

Please do not hesitate to consult us and to trust in us.

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